FAQ: The Girl Who Drank The Moon Quotes?

What is the moral of the girl who drank the moon?

The Girl Who Drank the Moon successfully presents a fairy tale that serves not only to entertain, but to also educate children on corruption, selfishness, and oppression as well as the importance of banding together and striving to do what is right in trying circumstances.

What are some quotes from the girl who drank the moon?

Preview — The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

  • “How many feelings can one heart hold?
  • “Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
  • “Death is always sudden,” Glerk said.
  • “My love isn’t divided,” she said.
  • “A story can tell the truthbut a story can also lie.

Does Xan die in the girl who drank the moon?

Luna discovers that her mother’s name is Adara. Xan and Sister Ignatia’s health deteriorates, and on the day that the first Star Children arrive in the Protectorate, Xan dies of happiness.

What age is the girl who drank the moon for?

Magical stories ( 9-12 ) These books are brilliant for older children who want to get lost in a magical journey.

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How many feelings can one heart hold infinite Luna thought?

Infinite, Luna thought. The way the universe is infinite. It is light and dark and endless motion; it is space and time, and space within space, and time within time.

Who is the villain in the girl who drank the moon?

Eventually, Luna discovers the truth about her magic powers and reunites with Adara after remembering that she is her mother. She protects the city from being destroyed by a volcanic eruption using her magic, and cracks open the heart of Sister Ignatia, the evil witch who rules the Protectorate, killing her.

What happens at the end of girl who drank the moon?

As Xan’s life comes to a close, Glerk, Fyrian and Luna stay near her. She dies, and Luna returns to her new family, including her mother, Antain, his wife and his child.

How many pages is The Girl Who Drank the Moon?


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