Question: You Can T Lose What You Never Had Quotes?

Can’t lose what you never had meaning?

I am trying to translate this phrase in some short and preferably poetic way: ‘You can’t lose what you’ve never had’. It refers to someone who prefers not to fall in love because the prospect of possible loss is worse than whatever might be gained!

Who said you can t lose something you never had?

Quote by Damon Suede: “You can’t lose what you never had, you cant kee”

Can you lose something you never had?

It is normal to grieve something you never had – to grieve a life plan or goal that will never be realized. Many people attempt to brush these losses off as small or insignificant compared to what “other people” go through.

What is the word for missing something you never had?

If I miss something from the past that could never exist again, it’s saudade. A yearning for something illusionary that may never materialize is saudade. So yes, it is possible to miss something you’ve never had. Just, saudade.

What is the feeling of losing something you never had?

4 Answers. Though a bit broad, the word ” melancholia” or “melancholy” can be defined as of a feeling sadness, mournfulness or lamenting with no obvious reason. I think that can include reasons never fulfilled or experienced – deeply rooted unrealized experiences.

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What should you do when you lose?

Here are 12 things to remember when you’re feeling lost in life:

  1. Recognize That It’s Okay!
  2. Use Your Lost and Loneliness as a Self-Directing Guide.
  3. Realize Loneliness Helps You Face the Truth.
  4. Be Aware That You Have More Control Than You Think.
  5. Embrace the Freedom That the Feeling of Being Alone Can Offer.

What is the feeling of happiness and sadness?

Saudade describes a feeling both happy and sad, and might be most closely related to the English expression ‘bitter sweet’.

What is it called when you miss someone?

4 Answers. 4. 4. Besides previously-mentioned pining, yearning, and longing, consider wistfulness, “state or characteristic of being wistful”, that is, being “full of yearning or longing”.

Is Anemoia a real word?

Anemoia is a word coined by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which means: nostalgia for a time you’ve never known.

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