Readers ask: How To Type Curly Quotes?

How do you make a curly quote on the keyboard?

Press-and-hold the Option and Shift key and then press the curly parentheses { key found near the return key for the closing double quotation mark.

How do I make quotation marks Curly in Word?

In fact, Microsoft Word has a setting to make quotation marks curly by default. To make sure your quotation marks will be curly quotes in Office 365:

  1. Go to the Review tab.
  2. Click Spelling & Grammar.
  3. Select AutoCorrect Options.
  4. Under AutoFormat, make sure the “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes” checkbox is checked.

What are curly quotes called?

Often called book quotes, curly quotes are quotation marks that are curved rather than straight. Since they are curved, the left and right quotation marks display differently, where straight quotes appear the same.

How do you type special symbols?

In your document, position the insertion point where you want the special character to appear. Press and hold down the ALT key while you type the four number Unicode value for the character. Note that NUM LOCK must be on, and you have to use the number pad keys to type the Unicode character value.

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How do you write Backtick?

The native backtick shortcut on Windows is Alt + 96, whereas the native shortcut for the tilde is Alt + 126.

How do you make a quotation?

How do I set up and follow up a quotation?

  1. Provide context for each quotation. Do not rely on quotations to tell your story for you.
  2. Attribute each quotation to its source. Tell your reader who is speaking.
  3. Explain the significance of the quotation.
  4. Provide a citation for the quotation.

What’s the most famous quote?

The Most Famous Quotes

  • “Fortune favors the bold.” – Virgil. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.
  • “Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin.
  • “I came, I saw, I conquered.” – Julius Caesar.
  • “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” – Elbert Hubbard.
  • “If you want to be happy, be.” – Leo Tolstoy.

How do you make a quote face the right way?

How to Change the Existing Quotation Mark Style

  1. Press the Ctrl+H shortcut key to open the Find and Replace dialog box.
  2. Enter ” in both the Find what and Replace with boxes.
  3. Select Replace All to convert all quotation marks in the document to your preferred style.

What are straight quotes in Word?

As you type text, Word automatically changes straight quotation marks ( ‘ or ” ) to curly quotation marks (also known as “smart quotes” or typographer’s quotes).

Should apostrophes be straight or curly?

There are two types of apostrophes: right and wrong. I don’t mean an apostrophe missing from the word ‘they’re’, or one gatecrashing the plurals on a restaurant menu. ‘Straight’ apostrophes are wrong and ‘curly’ apostrophes (also known as directional, typographers’ or ‘smart’ apostrophes) are right, and that is that.

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What is a smart closing quote?

Smart quotes are usually curved in shape and have different opening and closing versions for use at the beginning and end of quoted material, respectively. Dumb (or straight) quotes are usually simple tapered vertical or angled marks.

How do you reverse quotes in Word?

When typing an apostrophe that comes first in its word, press these keys: Control/FN/and hit the apostrophe key twice. To fix an existing backwards quote, select it, then press Control/FN and hit the apostrophe key twice.

How do you do a quote in Word?

Here’s how: Hit enter before the first word of the quote, and after the last word of the quote. Highlight the text. Right click and select paragraph.

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