Readers ask: Tombstone Quotes Say When?

What was Doc Holliday’s famous saying?

The movie “Tombstone” came out in 1993, but even all these years later, one line from the film stands out. The phrase “ I’m your huckleberry,” spoken by Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in the film, can be seen on t-shirts and in memes everywhere.

WHO SAID say when in Tombstone?

A priceless line from Doc Holliday in one of my favorite movies Tombstone! Val Kilmer’s simple command to Johnny Ringo when they meet up in a final duel. Even as his energy and life were fading away, Val still managed to maintain his sense of self and humor enough to mutter”Just say when”

Who is famous for saying say when?

Say When – Doc Holliday – Quick Draw Shirts One of the best western movies ever made, or at least the most quoted, is the movie Tombstone. Val Kilmer had arguably his best role in this movie and now you can own the shirt. The words “Say When” are the coolest “before a duel” words anyone can utter.

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What is the famous line in Tombstone?

2 “I’m Your Huckleberry” – Doc Holliday When a drunken Ringo challenges Wyatt and his brothers, Doc Emerges and delivers what is perhaps the most iconic line in the film. This phrase means he is the man for the job, and he has come to answer Ringo’s call for blood.

What were Doc Holliday’s last words?

As he lay dying he is reported to have asked for a shot of whiskey. The story is that Doc fully expected to die in gunfight, but upon finding himself at death’s door in a bed instead, he appreciated the irony of his situation and uttered his last words: “ This is funny. ”

What does you’re a daisy if you do mean?

Simply put, “daisy” means the best or most marvelous. Kind of similar to saying that something is the cream of the crop.

What does I’ll be your huckleberry mean in Tombstone?

What is the meaning of “I’m your huckleberry,” said by Doc Holliday in the 1993 movie Tombstone? Basically “I’m your huckleberry” means “ Name the place, and I’ll go with you,” “Name the job and I can do it,” “I’ll oblige you” or “I’m your man.”

Why does Doc say I’ll be damned?

Why Does Doc say, “This is Funny” when he Dies? Doc had tuberculosis. Most doctors, when he was diagnosed, gave him a few months to live. Due to his lifestyle, he is reputed to have said that he would die with his boots on, and I believe his character does say this in older Earp/Holliday films.

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Is Tombstone a true story?

This 1993 western movie is loosely based on real-life events that occurred at Tombstone, Arizona. The story of Tombstone was loosely based on real-life events that took place at Tombstone, Arizona. Events like the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and the Earp Vendetta Ride were also used as inspiration for the film.

What does you’re no daisy at all mean?

‘ and ‘you’re not daisy, you’re no daisy at all’ is saying that Ringo didn’t just fall to the ground when he shot him. He tried to fight. That means he’s not weak. Huckleberry is slang for hucklebearer which is a Southern paulbearer thing.

Why does he say I’m Your Huckleberry?

But what did “I’m your huckleberry mean?” In the Old West being a huckleberry meant you were game, up for anything. It also meant that you were the one to bring trouble to your opponent. According to “I’m your huckleberry” is the rough equivalent of saying “ I’m the man you’re looking for.”

What is say when?

Say when is a phrase someone utters when pouring a drink for someone else, or pouring a liquid such as cream or syrup upon someone else’s food, or adding an ingredient such as Parmesan cheese or pepper to a dish at the table.

What is the most famous quote from a movie?


  1. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Gone with the Wind (1939)
  2. “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The Godfather (1972)
  3. “You don’t understand! I coulda had class.
  4. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  5. “Here’s looking at you, kid.”
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What are the top 10 movie quotes?

The Top 100 Best Movie Quotes

  • “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” –
  • “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” –
  • “You don’t understand!
  • “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” –
  • “Here’s looking at you, kid.” –
  • “Go ahead, make my day.” –
  • “All right, Mr.
  • “May the Force be with you.” –

How did Tombstone get its name?

It wasn’t long before homesteaders, cowboys, speculators, prospectors, lawyers, business people and gunmen headed to the area. Known as Goose Flats back then, a town site was situated near the mines in 1879 and was named Tombstone due to the first claim of silver mining by Ed Schiefflelin.

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